VFX - The Audio Reactive
iOS music video app

Easily make stories for platforms like
Instagram, Triller or TikTok

With VFX you can create music videos that stand out of the crowd. Use new kind of effects, a smooth UI, and completely customizable.

From beautiful colors

Handcrafted effects, curated by the app maker Isak Burström, easily makes your shots stand out of the crowd. Combine the effects and see the magic with your own eyes in real time.

To abstract chaos

Combine effect parameters and connect them to Audio, or unite the parameters 

Intuitive and fast timeline editor
For cutting your video to the beat

Just shoot - cut - repeat.

Join the community

Signing up, you'll be part of the VFXZINE, which is an online fanzine, instead of the ordinary app newsletters. VFXZINE is a combination of app updates and video art fanzine.

15 seconds, or full track

The full version of the app supports recording the full track length. Make your whole music video in the app. Making music videos has never been easier.

A new way to work with video effects

Coming from the wonderful world of VJ:ing and live visuals, into the mobile world.
Combine live effects with easy recording and audio reactivity.

The result? Try for yourself and see. It's free to check out on the App Store.


Live Effects

No need to wait, render, or apply effects to parts of the video afterwards. Do it live.

Camera or Pre-recorded 

VFX supports both, just pick your choice. Then record the effects on top of it all.

Import audio

Currently iTunes import, Files import and extracting music from videos is supported.

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