Creating software for artists

Audio Reactive video software, merging the worlds of tech and art.

VFX Live

A new VJ app for macOS. Made to be used live. Great performance control, well thought modulations, MIDI support and audio reactivity.

And at a good price point.

Jam Cam

Inspired by music instruments such as the SP-404 and desktop VJ-tools. Play intuitively with effects and let your own rhythm guide your way.

Dancing with pixels

With a passion for motion and video. We’re currently aiming at releasing nisched applications built upon passion and love for the creative process.

Our two current apps VFX and Jam Cam are available on App Store today.


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The Manual for Jam Cam is under construction, but can be read here.

Jam Cam User Manual

If you have ideas, feedback, bug reports, business inquiries or something in this manner, throw us an email!

Rooted in Video Culture

Rhythmic Visions is founded and created by Isak Burström.
Developer and artist with deep love for video and music culture.

We keep inventing for the love of creativity and creating useful instruments to the public.
Listening and working with the community to build something that truly is unique

Keep a look at our instagram where we share creations that we believe are
pushing the boundary of what video can be today.

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